The general Hospital Building project works began on February 18, 2013. The hospitals to be built in Nifas Silk Lafto and Kolfe Keranio sub-cities each costs over 548 million birr. The construction of the general hospitals is expected to be completed in a year and a half time. As the hospitals provide referral services, they would provide services to communities from the western, southwestern and eastern parts of Oromia. The Deputy Mayor said that the hospitals would play a key role in solving the problem of access to hospital services and providing quality health services. She witnessed the recently built centers have provided the expected services to the locals.


  • Implementation Area: Nefaslik lafto and Kolfe keranio
  • Beneficiaries: All
  • Office: City Administration
  • Duration: Jun 18 2013 - May 20 2014
  • Budget: 548 million birr