Adwa zero kilometer Museum project is underway in a historic place at the heart of Addis Ababa, pissa. This place where the project is underway is considered as the center of the City as well as the Country. This is also a project where Ethiopians commemorate the victory of Ethiopian forefathers at the battle of Adwa against Mussolini’s Italy which waged unjust war on Ethiopia. Besides, the victory of Adwa is the source of pride for Ethiopians and black people around the globe in general. Therefore, Adwa Zero kilometer project is where Ethiopians will celebrate the victory of their forefathers and pass it to posterity as a sign of strength, valor and Independence. The project site is located at Pissa across the Mayor’s office of Addis Ababa and right next to the statute of Emperor Menilik the second.


  • Implementation Area: Addis Ababa, pissa
  • Beneficiaries: All
  • Office: Mayor's Office
  • Duration: May 04 2011 - May 04 2014
  • Budget: 4.6 Billion Birr
  • Phone: 0913071320