The public library project which is among the mega projects underway in the City administration is carried out fast, as the problem of lack of such facilities if not curbed fast can probably result in affecting generations to come in terms of access to libraries and similar facilities. This project which is underway with the budget of around 1 billion 115,977,250 will alleviate problems related to access to library to the City’s youth and the ones that languish doing activities that adversely affects their health and mental faculty. This library which is laid on 1.8 hectares of land accommodates 35000 users with a parking space for 113 automobiles, and also has in built state of the art ICT facilities. The Library is open to use by both local residents and members of the diplomatic community residing in Addis Ababa.


  • Implementation Area: 4killow
  • Beneficiaries: All
  • Office: Mayor's Office
  • Duration: Mar 05 2011 - Apr 25 2014
  • Budget: 1 billion 115,977,250