Adanech Abiebie

CITY MAYOR From: 2020 to Present

1. Background

  • Master of Arts in leadership management  from Civil Service University

  • Bachelor degree in law from Addis Ababa University

  • By the National Certified Public Manager Consortium

  • Certificate in public management, department of public administration & policy

2. Experience


Addis Ababa City 08/2020 – Present

  • Plans, organizes and evaluates the work of all City Departments to ensure that operations and services comply with the policies and directions set by the City Council;

  • Directs the development of the capital improvement budget for approval by the City Council;

  • Monitors the implementation of the adopted budgets;

  • Ensures that city-wide management interactions promote efficient services and developments;

  • Represents the interests and secures the wellbeing of all citizens of the city at all times;

  • Develops, implements, and evaluates the policies and programs of the municipality;

  • Develops, implements and evaluates required services the municipality provides to the public;

  • Ensures that administrative practices and procedures are in place and followed to implement the decisions of the City Council;

  • Ensures the accountability and transparency of the operations of the municipality;

  • Maintains the financial integrity of the municipality; and

  • Carries out the duties of the Mayor of the City as stipulated by the City Council under all Acts.



Attorney General of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia 03/2020 – 08/2020

  • Coordinated and conferred with various agencies including: Federal Police Department, Addis Ababa City Police Department, Supreme Court, Higher Court, and Civil Service Commission & Human Resources;

  • Responsible for modifying and enforcing of women and child abuse laws.



Minister of the Ministry of Revenue and Customs 10/2018 – 02/2020

  • Established and interpreted the tax administration policy;

  • Developed strategies, plans, regulations, guidelines and procedures for proper operation of the Ministry;

  • Maintained an appropriate balance between taxpayer services, tax enforcement schemes and administrative tax codes to deliver services that are fair and integrated;

  • Planned, directed, controlled and evaluated policies, programs and performances of the Ministry;

  • Evaluated legal advise to the ministry pertaining to interpretation, administration and enforcement of internal revenue and other laws;

  • Planed and coordinated assignments spanning programs, functional areas and government organizations;

  • Represented the Ministry with high-level federal officials, foreign governments and non-governmental organizations;

  • Assessed and analysed the tax laws and developed business strategies; and maintained global best practice standards including: competitor analysis; market modelling; distribution yield management; business mix yield management; length of stay yield management; inventory availability by channel; pricing control and new pricing concepts.



City of Adama

  • Supervised the fiscal services of the City including: budgeting, accounting, purchasing, collections, financial reporting and auditing;

  • Reorganized the City’s financial management structure and charged duties and responsibilities to professional staff with accountability;

  • Worked with City Manager on citywide planning and strategic efforts to develop long and short-term financial and administrative goals; and

  • Coordinated special City projects, including the planning, design, implementation, and evaluation of construction/renovation projects, management studies, and introduction of new programs.



Oromia Development Association

  • Successfully developed and implemented multiple fiscal-year regional budgets representing a substantial reduction as part of an overall retrenchment management plan;

  • Reorganized City services to better reflect expenditures related to declining revenues of a distressed urban city, involving over 1000 employees;

  • Consulted with regional representatives on actions needed to improve lives;

  • Organized town-hall meetings for representatives to evaluate their precincts; and

  • Coordinated with public and private sector partners to develop alternatives to traditional city service delivery systems as cost-cutting options.



  • House of Peoples Representatives of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia

  • Served as member of the Legislative Budget Board;

  • Served as Deputy to the Legislative Budget Board, responsible for providing staff assistance and policy recommendations to the Administrative Services/Personnel Committee of the Board of Commissioners;

  • Served as Budget Director and liaison between national agencies and department heads, the Controller’s office and the Administrative Services/Personnel Committee; and

  • Assisted with the coordination and direction of National Central Services including Financial Services, Data Processing, and Purchasing and Properties.



Oromia Regional Office

  • Successfully negotiated separate collective bargaining agreements maintaining employee relations, while simultaneously holding the line on employee costs;

  • Developed financial management policies and procedures that resulted in more cost effective and timely annual audits; and

  • Developed and implemented a financial plan for the region’s road construction program.



Oromia Regional Attorney General and Justice Officer

  • Responsible for special projects and assisting the Regional Administrator with daily operations of a full service Region;

  • Assisted with the organisation of conferences, seminars, meetings and other events on behalf of Rural Community Affairs; and

  • Developed and maintained filing systems for central and contract files, general correspondences, forms, reports, minutes, and other materials per direction and procedures.



Oromia Regional Office Employment Affairs

  • Worked closely with the Community Affairs Director in executing strategies for the Region;

  • Responsible for compliance with applicable labour laws and attending to necessary filings;

  • Developed and executed community outreach efforts working closely with all departments of the Region;

  • Developed and implemented the Region’s affirmative action plan for recruitment, hiring, and federal contract compliance as part of the regional office responsibilities;

  • Built strong relationships with the community, non-profit organizations, and local employment offices;

  • Stayed connected and maintained close relationships with the Federal Employment Affairs Department to benefit both the Board and the Region; and

  • Identified applicable opportunities for the Region’s goodwill efforts.


City Mayors

Kuma Demeksa

2008 - 2013

Diriba Kuma

2013 - 2018

Takele Uma Benti

2018 - 2020

Adanech Abiebie

2020 - Present