Labor And Social Affairs Bureau


The bureau, through undertaking study and research at city level, will introduce and execute policies, laws, regulations and directives widely, through public participation and coordinating support of other pertinent bodies.

Realizing industrial peacefulness through widening job development service, respecting rights of employees and employers as well as improving working environments and sustaining health and security of the workers.

Realizing social security of the communities in hardships through social security development and expansion of development program and preventing social problems in advance.


Enabling Addis Ababa a city in which wide job deployment service, industrial, peaceful and social security is realized by the year 2017.

Core Values

Change Oriented

Equitable Service


Knowledgeable and faithful leadership


Quality service

Realizing industrial peacefulness

Sustainably rehabilitating Victims

Our Location


  • Address: In front of Cathedral School, Addis Ababa City Government Labor and Social Affairs Bureau Building
  • Phone:
  • Fax: 0111559341
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  • official Since Dec 06 2023
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